Pretrial Intervention, or PTI as it is commonly called, is a diversionary program offered to certain eligible defendants who have been charged with a criminal offense. Instead of going through the traditional criminal court process, defendants can opt for PTI, which involves completing certain requirements, such as community service, counseling, or restitution, typically over a set period of time. If the defendant successfully completes the PTI program, the charges against them may be dismissed, and they can avoid a criminal conviction on their record. PTI is designed to provide an alternative to prosecution for certain individuals who meet specific criteria and who may benefit from rehabilitation rather than traditional punishment.

Although some charges are ineligible for PTI, exceptions can be made if a carefully drafted “Statement of Compelling Reasons” is included with the PTI application. Our 36 years of trial experience will give you the advantage you need when you need it most. Call 609-472-1377 or go to and get the help you need.