Offer-0 Verdict-$50,000
On January 31, 2024 we obtained a $50,000 verdict for our client in a case where the insurance company had offered zero. We are now seeling additional fees and costs based upon the inurance company’s refusal to respond to our “Offer of Judgment.” We would like to take this opportunity to thank the jury and all the judiciary staff of the Burlington County Superior Court for their professionalism, public service and dedication to ensuring a fair system of justice for our community.[0]=AZWzKQQunWgeKUM9Ah5FTy4p7iix7_pV0LIhDLLdISeoTtmiFL-OsWKDwa07qN1rnONV4MwT7RBXyVVV-fW4vbH1fZ7dD4r5B1lxu8ELFZdHsJecBhtXe7rfqurauDbIdk4ZV5sYK5A0GcjvcUhvNP0OPOJidfxFSPvfd03kpECEnZFbdcIvT8kTEvj45efvSB8&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R