When Janell Miller’s family or friends needed help, they turned to her. Miller’s sister, Jamie Pietrantonio, called Janell the glue that held the family together.

But Miller’s compassion for others couldn’t keep her from the iron grip of opioid addiction. Pietrantonio blames overprescribed pain-killers for her sister’s addiction and death, prompting a lawsuit by her family against the Pain, Spine, Aesthetic and Wellness Center (or the Pain Center) in Hermitage.

But once Pietrantonio started looking into the cause of her sister’s death, she knew she had to take it a step further.

So she retained New Jersey-based attorneys Richard J. Hollawell and Mark C. Dewland, who specialize in wrongful death lawsuits stemming from opioid addiction. Hollawell said this is one of the worst cases he’s seen.

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