In New Jersey, criminal expungement is a legal process through which a person can have their criminal record erased or sealed. This means that certain past criminal offenses are removed from public access and are generally treated as if they never occurred. The eligibility criteria for expungement in New Jersey include factors such as the type of offense committed, the sentence imposed, and the individual’s criminal history. Not all offenses are eligible for expungement, and there are waiting periods that must be met before an individual can apply.

Once a criminal record is expunged in New Jersey, the individual may legally deny the existence of the expunged offenses in most circumstances, such as when applying for jobs, housing, or professional licenses.

It’s important to note that the expungement process can be complex and may require the assistance of a legal professional to navigate effectively. If you are in need of an expungement in N.J. call Mark C. Dewland, P.C. and get the help you need.