Mark C. Dewland P.C.

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that distracted driving is becoming more and more prevalent. Far too many auto accidents show no evidence of braking, no skid marks or a sudden stop in traffic—all strong indicators of texting, talking on a cell phone, or other distracted driving behaviors. According to a Middletown Press article, Connecticut is taking strong measures—apart from a ban on cell phone use for drivers—by having drivers state under oath in the early stages of a lawsuit whether they were using their phone. If cell phone records prove the driver was using a cell phone, the plaintiff is allowed to allege recklessness—a much more serious charge that can result in a revoked driver’s license. Despite the increasingly strict laws regarding distracted driving, it is clear distracted driving accidents continue to increase. Since distracted driving laws do not seem to be having much impact, perhaps distracted driving lawsuits will finally garner the attention they deserve.