A “Bread and Breakfast Divorce” in New Jersey refers to a situation where a couple is legally separated but continues to live under the same roof. This term is often used to describe a scenario where the couple has decided to divorce but, for various reasons such as financial constraints, the need to maintain stability for their children, or the housing market, they choose to remain in the same household. The name “Bread and Breakfast” highlights the arrangement where the couple still shares the same home and basic domestic routines, but their marital relationship is effectively over.
In practical terms, this type of arrangement can involve:
Separate Living Arrangements: Within the home, the couple might have separate bedrooms and maintain as much separation as possible in their daily lives.
Financial and Household Responsibilities: They often continue to share financial responsibilities and household chores.
Parenting Arrangements: If they have children, the couple may continue to co-parent, maintaining a stable environment for their children.
Legal Agreements: They might have legal agreements in place to outline the terms of their separation, including financial arrangements, child custody, and other relevant issues.
While this arrangement can alleviate some immediate pressures and provide stability, it also requires careful planning and clear communication to ensure that boundaries are respected and conflicts are minimized.
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