$2.69 Million Settlement Reached for Passenger Injured in Rear-end Crash
By Colleen Murphy | December 29, 2023
A settlement of $2.69 million was reached in a Middlesex County suit, O’Donnell v. Kabra, for a 52-year-old North Brunswick woman who was injured in a rear-end collision.
Alicia O’Donnell was injured while traveling as a passenger in a vehicle being driven by defendant Alice Farnworth. On July 1, 2015, the two women were stopped at a traffic signal at the intersection of Aaron Road and Route 1 South in North Brunswick when a vehicle struck them from behind. Seema Kabra was driving the trailing vehicle, which was owned by Rakesh Kabra, who were both named as defendants.
O’Donnell’s doctor opined that she suffered cervical and lumbar disk herniations and bulges as a result of the accident. And O’Donnell’s preexisting mental health condition was exacerbated by the crash, according to her counsel, Daniel N. Epstein and Michael Heck of Epstein Ostrove in Edison.
$2.69 Million Settlement Reached for Passenger Injured in Rear-end Crash | New Jersey Law Journal[0]=AZXLMDqJABHIEB6hbXh2FNBvgvFO9ad7iQXqne9Xwo3u2UH0zgm-rao0KyPaRFugSiNv2LwN9kqlQwH-an9RqRNLVtLJSE9VlGX1A_UABDX7S4HFtN5Gka-5kz2UhBDZdVTIYUzeK-qfETa3DVPbSSgh&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R